Switchpoint heating


  • VELOX Switchpoint heating is designed for connection to 230V ac.
  • The heating elements are of self-limiting type which means they are energy efficient as they decrease the heat output when the temperature rises.
  • The elements are double-insulated and lack protective earthing in order to avoid causing signalling faults if damaged.
  • The elements are flexible and are mounted using clips and protective stainless steel channels 1m long.
  • The elements can be supplied in lengths of up to 18m.
  • The elements are supplied complete with watertight military-grade quick-connect devices.
  • Connection s made to adapted 4/2-way blocks screwed to sleepers and provided with tension-relieving protective plates.
  • The installation can be supplied complete with controlling and monitoring equipment built to customer design specifications. 

More info will be found at switchpointheating.se