Control equipment


THERMOSTATS: With a thermostat you control the application according to the ON/OFF‐method, that means that the heating cable is either switched on or ‐ off.

Thermostats is obtained in a number of different performances and different functioning possibilities as capillary/resistant sensor, secure or variable operating temperature, variable on/off‐difference, disconnecting/ending/shifting contact operation etc.

VÄRMEKABELTEKNIK have an extensive programme of thermostats which always allows us to quote for the application suitable control equipment.

Control cabinets

VÄRMEKABELTEKNIK has an extensive programme for complete equipped control cabinets for control of applications where more widespread surrounding equipment is required such as earth‐leakage‐circuit breakers, relays, alarm exit, fuses etc. except our standard programme, which comprehend different functioning possibilities, we also construct and manufacture control cabinets according to the customers requirement of functioning.