Heating foil

Technical Data

vffolie1AREA OF USE:

Floor heating / comfort heating thin floors. For installation under all type of floorings.


Approved, marked with CE according to SEMKO 111:1967 mod1-4
SEMKO 111FB:1974 mod1
marked with CE in cooperation with SEMKO
Protective class II
LDV info 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC
Rated voltage 220-240 V via ELCB
Surface power 55 / 45 W/m²
Installation under ceramic tiles 55 W/m²
Other type of installations 45 W/m²
Building height foil min 0.2 mm
Building height connections min 5 mm (55 x 55 mm)
Width: 600 / 300 mm*
Effective surface: 540 / 240 mm

* (Which admits that a marginal on 25mm can be overlapped in order to adapt the width diameter)



At installation under ceramic tiles: The foil is glued with carpet glue of the type “Cascoflex” against a clean (at sucking under material primat) under floor without sharp edges and projecting objects.

At installation under parquet/laminate floors: Vinnyflex is installed against a carefully cleaned under floor (without projecting screw heads and sharp edges) and is fixed with help of the double adhesive tape on the bottom side of the foil. Base material and floor is laid in a normal manner.

At installation under carpets/soft floorings: Vinnyflex is installed as for parquet floor, but thereafter a gypsum board is glued (with such thickness that the distance from the foil to the ready floor surface will be 10mm) with a carpet glue over the foil, and finally the meant floor covering is laid in a normal manner.

At installations in wet rooms shall the application be allocated a fine meshing corrosion protected net which cover the whole foil. The net shall be connected to earth protection.

Table 1

Vinnyflex-type Output/m² Output/rm
30/55 55W 16W
60/55 55W 33W
30/45 45W 13W
60/45 45W 27W



folie1Vinnyflex consists of a semi-conductive carbon solution, put in stripes on a thin plastic foil. The stripes are laying between two supply bus-bars of thin rolled silver-plated copper. Then it is laminated and the result is a transparent strong foil.




The connection of Vinnyflex shall be done to the fuse group, max. 10A, protected by an earth-leakage-circuit breaker (ELCB) with a rated voltage of 30mA.

All foils shall be connected so that the connection point is easy to reach for control measuring (each foil element has a separate conduit to junction box).

Connection cables shall at installation longer in floors than 30cm be laid in a protective pipe.