Type codes


System for type designations of electric cables according to CENELEC HD 361

Example: Lightweight PVC sheathed cable, flat


Block 1:

1. Type of standard
H: Harmonized type
A: Acknowledged national type
2. Voltage U°/U
01: 100/100V
03: 300/300V
05: 300/500V
07: 450/750V

Block 2:

3. Insulation material  4. Sheath material
R: Ethylene propylene rubber, 90°C
G: Ethylene vinylacetate
N: Polychloroprene rubber
Q: Polyuretan
R: Ethylene propylene rubber, 60°C
S: Silicon rubber
V2: PVC, 90°C
V3: PVC, cold resistant
V5: PVC, oil resistant
Z: Crosslinked polyolefin compound, little corrosive gases, low smoke
Z1: Thermoplastic polyolefin compound, little corrosive gases, low smoke
5. Construction features
H: Flat, divisible line
H2: Flat, non-divisible line
6. Type of conductor
F: stranded (Class 5) with flexible cables
H: stranded (Class 6) with flexible cables
K: stranded (Class 5) with permanently installed cables
R: Stranded (Class 2)
U: Solid (Class 1)

Block 3

7. Number of cores
8. Protective earth conductor
X: without protective earth conductor (green-yellow)
G: with protective earth conductor (green-yellow)
9. Conductor cross-section in mm²