Cheramical IR-Heaters

HSFEFlat ceramic elements: These have a low overall height enabling use in space limited installations, typically in retrofit machines.

htcCurved ceramic elements: A concave design provides a space between the element and its mounting plate, reducing the heat absorbed by the wiring space. They are suitable for installation areas with geometric requirements.

HQSFHollow HTS ceramic elements:
These are made using a hollow casting process and filled with thermal insulation. This improves the radiant power output to the material being heated. In addition, a significant reduction of heat dissipation is achieved in the wiring space so additional insulation of the heating area is usually not required.
wp5c2dcb76_06wpdb972f73_06Ceramic lamps: These lamp-shaped, elements have a standard E27 cap so are very versatile. They are suitable for both individual and group configurations and have many general purpose heating applications. They are often used to provide warmth for reptiles, pets and other animal care requirements.