Begin the installation from the junction box and apply the cable in accordance with the design.

Reel out the cable to its full length before it is fixed into position.

The cable is to be applied on the free floor area and not beneath fixed cupboards etc. where the floor cannot allow heat to the room. To allow for downdraft, the heating cable should be installed with a closer c/c-distance along the outside walls. This enables a greater output to be obtained.

Normally only one heating cable length is installed in each room and with its own switch/thermostat.

The heating cable lengths are controlled by a thermostat. The sensor is placed in a protective tube in the floor between two cable runs. When placing the sensor possible incoming heat radiation must be taken into consideration. The basic rule is to place the sensor in the floor in such a way that the heat radiation has very little influence. Then the sensor can be placed “high up” in the floor. If it is necessary to put the sensor where the sun shines on the upper floor surface the sensor must be placed “low down” in the floor.


When the cable is installed and before the floor is finally laid a competent electrician always has to check:

  • The resistance of the cable (see marking label)
  • The insulation resistance of the cable (mega test min 50 MW)

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