These instructions must be followed at installations of Värmekabletekniks industrial cables on pipes. Värmekabeltekniks heating cables are available in three basic types: Self-limiting, parallel resistive and series resistive. Below you will find a table, which shows some of the characteristics which separate the cable from Värmekabelteknik from another.

Self-limiting Parallel resistive Series resistive
Applicable in Ex-zone Yes No 1) No 1)
Applicable on plastic pipes Yes Yes 2) Yes 4)
Can be cut in lengths on site Yes Yes No
Protects against overheating 3) Yes No No
Can be installed in long lengths No Yes Yes
Max temperature °C 200 5) 200 5) 600

1 Exemption can be applied for specific applications
2 With outputs up to 12W/lm
3 Emitted output is reduced with rising temperature
4 Can be dimensioned with low outputs/running meter
5 With the supply voltage switched off