Building Site System


Heating cables are frequently used in a number of different contexts at a building site.

The common denominator for these areas of application is to make construction work possible and easier at the low temperatures occurring in our northern climate.

Example of application areas

Hardening of concrete in foundations, vaults, columns and walls: For hardening at low temperatures as safely and quickly as in summer.

Frost protection of foundations: Eliminates the risk of damage to foundations caused by frost in the underlying ground.

Heating fabrics: Supplementary heat where needed.

Frost protection of water supply and sewer systems: Frost protection of water pipes to barracks and of other temporary water supply and sewer applications.

At Värmekabelteknik we both develop and manufacture products for all existing heating cable applications.

At Värmekabelteknik we have many years experience of heating cable applications and are very well aware of the problems which can occur at a building site in cold weather.

Therefore Värmekabelteknik is a reliable and skilled partner for construction work in cold weather.