Heating elements

Cable types


cm302TCPR – Sand, installation of plates – Concrete

The TCPR cable is an armoured series conductor cable with return wire. This cable is easy and quick to apply, as the termination end is not to be connected. The cable is custom-made by us and is delivered with cold-lead-in cable as well as mounted termination end.

TCPRH – Asphalt

TCPRH is a variant of the TCPR-cable. It is a TCPR-cable provided with an outer sheath of teflon which means that the cable can stand a high temperature when applied. You can apply the TCPRH directly in the asphalt.

KC-HDPE – Asphalt

KC-HDPE is a mineral insulated cable with an outer sheath of HDPE-rubber which can be installed directly in asphalt. Is delivered as ready-made heating lengths with connection in both ends.

More information about the cables can be found in the chapter “DATA SHEETS”.


Surface heating project

Surface heating projekt

Part.no: Markvarme

Range of applications

cm201A full list of the different ways to apply surface heating could be very long and probably never complete, as new ideas of applications are brought forward all the time.


We will present the most frequently used applications, and we hope that you will contact us if you cannot find the solution to your requirement of surface heating. We will help you to design yet another solution fitting your surface heating requirement.


  • Outdoor surfaces that are dry and non-slippery all year round, stairs, entrances, pavements, foot-bridges, garage drive ways, wheel chair ramps, loading platforms, goods reception bays etc.
  • Dry and non-slippery multi-storey car parks and approach-ramps.
  • Frost protection of the ground below cold-store rooms.
  • Heating of the earth-layer in greenhouses.

For surface heating, request quotation..

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