Control cabinet Type 01/01S


This control cabinet is intended for heating cable applications with max 2300W 1-phase 230V with heating cable installed on pipes, containers, tanks, in surfaces, floor etc controlled by thermostat

1 pc Main switch 1-pole 25A
1 pc Electronic thermostat incl. 1 sensor
1 pc ELCB 2-Pole 25/0,03A
*1 pc MCB 10A (only in 01S)
1 pc Enclosusre, IP55

Control cabinet intended for wall mounting with cable entries from all sides.

Putting into service

  • Adjust the temperature value with pushbuttons. NOTE! LED L1 indicates degrees below zero, other values are preset but can be adjusted after requirements (see enclosed manual).
  • Put the ELCB toggle switch in the ON position.
  • urn the main switch to the ON position.

When the current has been switched on, the sensor LEDs light up indicating status as explained below.

Thermostat adjustment
* Set the desired temperature – Press once on the  +/- button, the thermostat shows the setpoint, change to required value with +/1 buttons (A fixed pressure gives fast change). The thermostat automatically returns to normal if the keys are without effect, about 5 seconds.

NOTE! LED L1 indicates degrees below zero.

The thermostat relay contact switches when the temperature at the sensor falls below the set value. This is indicated by the LED on the front of the thermostat (Red = working position). When the temperature then reaches the set value, the relay switches back to sleep mode.

If icicles or icing occurs at certain weather conditions thermostat knobs may be adjusted as follows.

  • Check the LED’s on the thermostat.
  • If the green light is on: “Low” adjustment knob clockwise towards a lower temperature until the red light comes on.
  • If the yellow LED is lit: Adjust the “High” knob counterclockwise toward higher temperatures.
  • Lowest operating cost achieved, however, with knob as close to zero as possible!