Area of use

The DRNL-7-63 complies with IEC 61008. It can cut off the faulty circuit immediately on the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage. It is applied in varieties of plants, enterprises, buildings, constructions, commercial hotels or homes, in circuits up to single phase 230V, tree-phase 400V 50 or 60 Hz.

Technical data

Standard: IEC61008
Tripping time (instaneous): Typ G 10ms delay;
Typ S 40ms delay with selection
Rated Voltage: (UC): 230V/400V;50/60Hz
Rated current: (In) 25A
Rated tripping current: 30,100,300,500mA
Rated non-tripping current: 0.5In
Sensitivity: Type A and type AC
Rated short circuit strength (Inc): 6000A
Back-up fuse short circuit: In=25-63,63A gL In=80A 80A gL
Rated faulty breaking capacity Im In=500A
Electrical life: > 4000 times
Mechanical life: > 20000 times