Dung-conveying passages



Frost protection means the compensation of the heat loss by means of insulation material.

Free-hanging dung passages are exposed to cold from the underside which in many cases brings the dungs to freeze in the passage. Due to this, friction will build up when conveying dung next and, in turn, this means damage to the mechanism.

This can be prevented by supplying heat to the three sides of the passage, using heating cable 20 W/m and a c/c-distance of 100-150mm. The heating cable is fixed by means of galvanized mounting strips, covered with foil and insulated with 10-20mm “pore-tight” insulation of type “cellular plastic”.

The heating cable thermostat is controlled by the thermostat sensor, mounted beneath the passage between two cable runs.

Dung yards of concrete are often subjected to frost along the outer edges of the dung heap, this, in turn, will result in a deteriorated outflow of urine from the dung heap and in problems when unloading the yard by using a tractor.

The problem can be solved by casting in heating cables along the outer edge of the yard with approx. 1m width and a pair of extra cable runs from the centre of the yard in direction of the urine-drain.

Heating cable 20 W/m, c/c-distance 100-130mm, laid on crack control reinforcement 30-50mm under the plate surface.