Aluminium Tape 90°

Aluminium tape 90°C 50x50mm

aluminiumtapeArea of use

Mounting and fixing of heating cables and heating foils.


Provides good dissipation of heat and a substantial increase in power output if applied to self-limiting heating cable covering it completely. Protects a conventional heating cable against local overheating caused by penetration into insulation material. E89 992 44
Base: Woven glass-cloth reinforced aluminium foil
Adhesive substance:  Acrylic
Thickness:  0,105mm
Colour: Blank Aluminium
Adhesion to steel: 1850gr/25mm
Tensile strength: 10.8Kp/25mm
Diffusion density: below 1g/m²/24 tim
Max stretching: 5%
Protective backing: Silicone treated paper
Temperature range:  -5°C / 90°C
Should be stored in a dry, dark space with an indoor air humidity of 50% and a temperature of +15°C to 20°C.