Hose Clamp

Range of application

Fix the heating cable at installation in floors, on roofs, in box gutters, cisterns etc.

The hose clamps are available with different c/c-distances, special ordering, for easy mounting.

The distance between two “attaching lips” is 110 mm. Other distances can be obtained on request.

Material: See below.
Length: galvanized 25 m/reel
plastic 1 m
other material in running meter
With metal 20 mm
plast 10 mm 89 992 34 Hose clamp plastic (c/c 30mm). Delivered in lengths of 1m.
89 992 35 Hose clamp galvanized (c/c 55mm). Delivered in packages about 25m.
Can be obtained with adapted c/c by order
89 992 35SS  Hose clamp stainless. Delivered in running metre
89 992 34AL Hose clamp aluminium. Delivered in running metre
89 992 34CU Hose clamp copper (c/c 30mm). Delivered in running metre.

Plate metal

Range of application

montageblackFor installation of heating cables in wooden joists.

Is installed in derailed at passages in arises to eliminate direct contact against combustible material.

Material: Aluminium
Dimension 65 x 30 x 20 89 992 42

Pressing tool Foil

Art Nr: 8987430
presstangPressing tool Vinnyflex Heating foil

Connection-/End termination Kit

Art Nr: 8320

  1. CONNECTIONS CLIP 8354 Clip for connection of the power lead to the foil. Largest wire cross section that can be connected in the clips: 2 x 2.5mm².
  2. INSULATOR 8352. Mastic-tape. For insulation of connection clip and end termination. 4 st 50x50mm vulcanized tape “Mastik” for a water-tight cable connection.
  3. END TERMINATION. 2 pcs 50x50mm vulcanized tape “Mastik” for a water-tight end termination.