Velox Roof


Velox Roof thermostat Electronic incl. sensor
With double sensors for frost protection of roof gutters and down-pipes

Technical specification
Supply voltage:
Max. load:
Power consumtion:
Ambient temperature:
Indication LEDs:Included sensors:
230 VAC
16 Amp
3 VA
-20 to +50°C
Roof +10 – 0°C
Air 0 – -10°C
Solid 0.5°C
AIR – Active
Roof – Active
Heat – Active
Roof sensor
Air sensor
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  • Optimal function considering the easy locaton of the sensors
  • Give a good operation economy with maintained good function
  • Low costs allows mounting of several units in order to improve the selection
  • Easy setting with control lamps
  • The sensors can be placed on an long distance from the control unit
  • Supplied as a complete unit with sensors.


VELOX ROOF is specially designed to optimally control frost protection facilities located in the gutters and down-pipes.

The thermostat is operating according to the plus/minus system where two thermostats have been connected to

The thermostat operates on the plus-minus system where two thermostats connected together to switch on the heat at weather conditions when icicles formed.

The heat are switched on when there is a risk of freezing with considerations to measured temperature on the shady north wall and the melting temperature of the roof due to solar heat or heat through the release of the roof insulation.

“Air sensor” is mounted on the north wall and registers the air temperature in shade and allow connection under preset value

”Roof sensor” is mounted in a protective pipe on the roof where the highest temperature is expected and allows a connection of the heat when the temperature rises above the preset value (0 – + 10°C).

This condition gives a function where heat only is connected when there is freezing temperature in the air and melting temperature on the roof.

If the temperature sinks below preset value on the roof and the snow is stopping to melt the roof sensor immediately disconnects the heat or if the air become so warm that there is no risk of freezing, the Air sensor disconnects the heat.

At applications with roofs in several cardinal points the application is equipped with a Velox Tak in each cardinal point to minimize the power consumption and improve the function.

Basic settings

Connect the thermostat according to the electric schedule. If you use screened sensors, terminal block 1 can be used to connect these against an external earth wire.

Set the knob for Air temperature on -2°C
Set the knob for Roof temperature on +2°C

To correct the location of the sensor can the temperature knobs be corrected according to following:

If icicles are formed and
the Air Sensor Led is on:  Adjust the Roof knob to 0°C until the ”Heater” light is on.
the Roof sensor Led is on: Adjust the Air knob to 0°C until the ”Heater” light is on.
the heater light is on: If it is still is forming icicles check the fuses, ELCB, phases in to the cabinet and control the power flow to the heating length installed where icicles are formed.

Observere: The power consumption increases med adjustment of the knob closer to 0°C