Floor heating

Floor heating


Heated floors in industrial premises have a number of good qualities. Since the heating source is concealed, it is not exposed to environmental influence, it will not collect dust or take up room and does not influence the possibility of furnishing a changing-room or the possibility to divide for instance a piggery/cow-house into boxes. Consideration should be taken though, to possible attachments which shall be made in the concrete floor as drilling in the floor can damage the heating cable. However, this is no problem if you plan well. In machinery halls where some work is done lying on the floor it is of great advantage if the floor is heated.

Floor heating does also mean that the floors dry up quickly, for example in entrances and shower surfaces and that the risk of accidents due to wet floors will be minimal.

Heating cables in stables/cowsheds means a dry, comfortable floor for the animals to lie on. This is especially of advantage in boxes with new-born animals.

Easy to install

Begin the installation from the junction box and reel out the cable according to the planned installation pattern.

Reel out all of the cable before it is fixed to its position.

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The cable shall be installed on the effective floor surface, not under permanent closets or similar spaces where the upper side of the floor cannot emit heat to the room. In many cases it is of advantage if the heating cable is laid with a shorter distance between the loops near the outer walls. This neutralizes effectively possible cold downdraughts from windows.

The heating cable loops are controlled with a thermostat which sensor is placed in a protection pipe between two cable runs.

When laying a new floor the heating cable is fitted directly on top of the reinforcement. The cables are fixed to the upper edge of the reinforcement by electrical tape or plastic coated lashing wire. When casting on existing floors, the heating cable is fixed to special mounting strips mounted on the existing floor. The distance between the mounting strips should be approx. 1m. The mounting strips are mounted across the planned cable installation. Floor heating cables may also be placed in levelling compound, thus raising the floor level very little (15-25mm).