ELCB 2-pole


  • Switching and isolation function controlling
  • Protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents
  • Protection against indirekt contacts and additional protection against direct contacts.
  • Protection against fire hazard caused by insulation faults.
  • Used inresidential building, non-residential building, energy sources, industry and infrastructure.


  • Electromagnetic type, voltage independent.
  • The handle being sealable or equipped with padlock bracket avoids dangerous operationg changes (ON / OFF)
    – The handle provides a clear indication of the contact position
    – Adequate printing of all data on the front provides long-term identification


Standards: IEC 61008-1
Approvals CE, SEMKO, CB
Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed): AC.A
Trip time type: General use, Selectivity of S
Number of poles: 2, 4
Rated current in (A): 16, 25, 40, 63
Rated voltage Ue (VAC): 230/400
Rated frequency Fn (Hz): 50/60
Rated residual currents (IDn(mA): 10(2P 16A), 30, 100, 300
Rated conditional short-circuit current: Inc=iDc=6000A SCPD säkering 100A Gg
Making and breaking capacity lm (A): 1,000
Rated residual breaking capacity (IDm (A): 1,000
Rated impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50) Uimp (kV): 8
Dielectric test voltage at ind. freq. for 1 min. (kV): 2.5
Electrical life (times): 10,000
Mechanical life (times): 20,000
Degree of protection: IP20, with connected conductors
Mounting position: Any
Conductor cross-sections
Solid and stranded:
Finely stranded with end sleeve (mm²):
Terminals tightening torque (N m): 2.5-4
Ambient temperature (°C): -25 ~ +45, max 95% humidity
Storage temperature (°C): -40 ~ +75
Altitude (max (meters)): 2,000
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