Frost Protection of the surface below cold-storage rooms


It is important to protect the ground from frost below cold-storage rooms and other construction areas where low temperatures are frequent. You have to prevent the cold from permeating through the ground and give a deep-going ground frost which can cause dislocations and cracks in the foundation.

An easy and reliable way to protect from frost is to apply heating cables in the foundation and then control the heating cables in such a way that the temperature never will get lower than 0°C. As the insulating layers between the freeze space and the foundation are extremely thick a very little need of power is needed in order to settle this.


Power required: 20 W/m²

Types of cables to use: TCPR.

Dimensioning: The power per meter cable ought to be within 5-7 W/m. The distance between the cable runs max 30 cm.

Regarding the dimensioning and the application of the heating cable we refer to a fitting method described in the earlier chapters:

– Application of heating cables in concrete.
– Application of heating cables in bed of sand.


Except for the operating thermostat of the application an alarm thermostat should be installed. The alarm thermostat is adjusted in such a way that an alarm is given if the temperature falls below the adjustment of the operating thermostat. The alarm thermostat is fused with its own fuse in the central unit.

VärmeKabelTeknik has experience and know-how about heating cable applications for cold-storage rooms. We design and delivers complete applications according to the requirement.