LCD3 (Outgoing)

lcdLCD3 3950115

Benefits & Features

  • Minimum energy costs
    Automatic snow melting
  • Snow melt only when necessary
  • Sense both temperature and precipitation
  • Performance optimized for hydronic applications
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable
  • Low cost


The LCD–1H & 3H Snow Switch saves energy by providing snow melting only when required during snowfall and for a time thereafter to ensure complete melting.

As heavy, wet spring and autumn snow often occurs above freezing, the LCD–1H & LCD–3H detects precipitation as snow at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C). The LCD–1Hs internal, isolated 3 amp relay contact remains closed for a 5-hour hold-on time after snowfall stops to ensure complete snow melting and pavement drying. The LCD–3H remains closed for 1-hour hold-on time.

The LCD–1H & 3H Snow Switch achieves high performance at low cost through microprocessor control. Members of the LCD product family have provided more than 70 million hours of reliable snow melting control.

For complete information describing application, installation and features, please contact us personally.


The LCD–1H Snow Switch housing has one 1/2” (16mm) NPT threaded opening. Choose an unobstructed elevated location
exposed to snowfall. Rigidly mount in upright, plumb position as shown. Connect the black and white wires to the 24 VAC power
supply. Yellow wires are from an isolated 3 Amp resistive/1 Amp inductive relay contact.

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