Application of heating cables in earth beds

The heating cables are applied in the sand below the bed of plants, which can be of a varying depth, usually 40-50cm. A layer is applied on top of the cable to prevent the cable to get damaged at digging or at some other kind of earth cultivating. As digging protection a strong wire netting, tiles or something equivalent can be used.


  • A reinforcing netting is applied on the bed of sand as bedding for the cable.
  • Reel out the cable on the netting and fasten it into position.
  • Lash the cable on to the reinforcing netting with a plastic coated lashing wire.
  • Check that the cable is working. (Mega-testing and ohm-measuring).
  • Apply the upper bed of sand (5cm).
  • Apply the digging protection. Be careful not to damage the cable.
  • Another check measuring could be made.
  • Apply the bed for plant growing.