Driving areas

Application of heating cable in concrete


The most often used method when applying heating cable in concrete is to apply the cable directly in the concrete.

Cables types to be used: TCPR.

Limitations: max 25 Watt per meter cable.

Installation: The cable is installed on the armouring according to the planned application design and is fixed temporarily. When the cable is applied and adjusted to cover the entire surface that is to be heated, the cable should be lashed to the armouring with a plastic coated lashing wire.

Check: The installation of the cable has to be supervised by a competent engineer. Before the concrete is cast the cables have to be tested (megatested and ohm-measured).

Control: At moisture/temperature control a special sensor has to be applied in the surface. A protective pipe for the sensor cable should then be applied up to the sensor.

More information about the control cabinets from VärmeKabelTeknik with function designs and complements can be found in chapter “CONTROL”.