Real-estate concerns, electricians, sheet-metal workers, consultants and building attendants, is to be offered training in planning and installation of roof installations.

Värmekabelteknik assumes turnkey of typical roof installations where we co-operate with sheet-metal workers and electricity companies in order to increase knowledge and understanding of the problems that exist at such installations.

This lasted during 2006-2007 in cooperation with, inter alia, the conclusion in PLR Riksförbund (The national association of the sheet-metal workers).

We hope that in this way be able to offer complete solutions, with optimal functioning of products to prevent the shortcomings of todays roof installations.

Our aim is also that through regular maintenance of roof installations minimize the risk of damage to people and property and in this way reduce the cost of damages and repairs to buildings.

An improved system with simplified maintenance, which by pressing a button at the control cabinet infer the function of the heating cables installed. Should also lead to maintenance is done every year when the cost of the control function becomes insignificant. Maintenance work can be done during the warm season when the roof is accessible to any component substitutions.

This cooperation will lead to benefits for all parties involved.

It is easy to dimension:

First, find the right on a roof level or measure the number of meters gutters and drainpipes to be frost protected in every direction.

In order to receive the total power needs:

Totalt meter number of cables x 50W (+ 20-30% in reserve for the starting current)

Then distribute heating lengths so that they cover the distance between two drainpipes, in a gutter or at short drainpipe so that the length covers a roof length + a drainpipe max 25 meters. (See sketch).

The operational cost of the plant will be relatively low, you can calculate the output approx. 50% of the power calculation we did further up on this page. Number of operation hours is a little harder to predict, but with a narrow band of the thermostat setting (close to 0°C) facility will only be in operation when the temperature is between 0°C and -3°C.