Distribution box

Distributon box

Distribution box for connection of power feeds from distribution board. Fits 4-5 wire system.

Diazed fuses for outgoing groups are available with KWh-Counters
Distribution box 2 x 3-phase
2 pcs
Distribution box 3 x 3-phase
3 pcs
Distribution box 2 x 3-phase/KWh
2 st
Distribution box 3 x 3-phase/KWh
3 st



We recommend control with double thermostat, this is an economic regulation with good function. The price of a double thermostat enabled it to mount more units on the roof, where different conditions are present (eg different cardinal points), which promotes the function while it restricts the operation to the parts of the roof installation where heat is needed.

Double Thermoplastic function consist of the facility is activated when the “sensor +” (mounted in protective pipes against the ceiling) detects the melting temperature and the“sensor – ” (assembled in the shade on the north wall) indicate that ambient air is freezing temperature. Temperature setting is adjustable to compensate for unfavorable position on the roof.

At roof applications with roofs in different directions, a cabinet is used for each direction to obtain better selectivity (improved function at lower power consumption) We combine this thermostat with components from Siemens, such as fuses, ELCB, contactors, control & main switch. In the cabinets there are also current sensing LED-indicators labeled corresponding to the installed heating lengths, thus it is easy to see if the plant works, and if errors occur, you can instantly see which wire is defective.

Control cabinets

Control cabinets

The purpose of a control equipment is to achieve maximum functionality at the lowest possible cost.

Double Thermostats with two sensors control the Turn-of the heat by reading the melting temperature on a roof in combination with freezing temperatures in the outdoor air
# Lengths
Control cabinet 11-ROOF
3 pcs
Control cabinet 21-ROOF
6 pcs
Control cabinet 31-ROOF
9 pcs
Control cabinet 41-ROOF
12 pcs
Control cabinet 11-ROOF-LCD
3 pcs
Control cabinet 21-ROOF-LCD
6 pcs
Control cabinet 31-ROOF-LCD
9 pcs

Double thermostat

Double Thermostat is the systems brain. (Included in cabinet 3400711 – 3400731)

takspec16Thermostat Velox Roof with 2 sensors, one of which is mounted in the protective pipes on the ceiling, and sensor 2 in shadow on the north wall.

The thermostat has such a price that you can divide the plant into several parts without the cost soar, more regulations provides an improved function at lower operating cost. The thermostat starts the installation on the roof when the snow melts and the air has freezing temperatures. Temperatures are adjustable.


to come

Performance indicator

Performance Indicator (included with all cabinets)

takspec17We have assembled the current-sensing operation indicator where each heating length has a signal light that indicates that heating length works.


Other components (included in all cabinets)

takspec18We use the Siemens quality components in our control cabinets such as: ELCB, fuses, main switches, switchgear, which guarantees reliability and easy replacement when the program is available at most wholesalers.