Roof hook

Roof hook Velox TCPR and SAFE-T

Heating cable of the type TCPR is mounted with two runs in gutter and down pipes and is fixed together with distance clips, c/c 25cm.

When installing heating cable in down pipes, roof outlets, the heating cable is to be unload at the gutter with a roof hook.

Heating cables can when installing on roofs, valleys, eaves and box gutters be mounted by mean of roof tape. The roof tape should precede by roof primer and will then give a permanent, durable mounting which not cause collection of trash as a result of projecting objects.

When installing four or more heating cables in a box gutter, roof gutter or down pipes, hose clamps is glued along the gutter with c/c 25-35cm (suitable glue PL-400).

 Material: Stainless steel
Length: 45 mm
Width: 12 mm 89 992 40 Roof hook TCPR
89 992 45 Roof hook SAFE-T

Roof hook Velox


Roof Hook Safe-T