Termonic 16150

termonic16090Termonic 16150

Art Nr: 8581643

Termonic 16090/16150

    • Electronic thermostat
    • Three temperature ranges, reversible
    • Adjustable coupling difference 1-10°K
    • Sensor supervising
    • S-marked

    Technical Specification

    Rated voltage: 230V 50/60 Hz
    Ambient temperature:  -10° to +90°C
    Max. breaking current 10A/250V
    Relay 1 VX (potential free)
    Indication relay yellow LED
    Coupling difference, Internal setting 1-10°K
    Electrical lifetime 1 x 10E5
    Electrical connection with screw, 2.5mm²
    Temperature setting wheel
    Sensor PTC 16090 PVC 3m (100m)
    16150 Silicone 3m (100m)
    Enclosure  PVC RAL 7035
    Enclosure class IP 54
    Packing Thermostat incl. sensor
    Assembling external

    Range of application

    Control of heating cable applications, cooling and air conditioning plants, frost protection supervision. For indoor or outdoors mounting, IP 54.


    An universal usable electronic thermostat in a modern surface mounting technique. A large temperature range. Adjustable coupling difference for high loads and hard industrial environments. Sensor supervision with LED indicating failure or short-circuiting sensor. Sensor of PTC-type, polarity independent. Also the inside of the lid is supplied with scale and the wheel could easily be moved.

Order.no Part.no Temp.range Setting range
16090 E-85 816 42 -15° till +95°C 2
16150 E-85 816 43 -15° till +150°C 3