Multi-Regulator CRT05


2 functions. Temperature range: -100÷400°C.

CRT-05 is programmable electronic multi-regulator, enabling heating control devices in order to maintain a constant room temperature, ambient temperature control and temperature of the substance in terms of the possibility of industrial process control technology.


  • control panel for programming and monitoring;
  • 2 operations modes: HEATING and COOLING;
  • 2 regulated HYSTERESIS values lower and upper limits;
  • AUTOMATIC mode operation with one selected function;
  • MANUAL mode permanent closing or opening of the contact without a temperature measurement;
  • CORRECTION related to the temperature read-out error against the model thermometer;
  • WARNING – visual signalisation of the temperature sensor failure, range exceed and speed riasing or falling temperature exceed;
  • limiting access to program menu using PIN code;
  • LIGHT selection of display illumination mode;
  • LANGUAGE program menu in three languages: Polish, English or Russian.

Technical data

Voltage: 230V AC
Current load: <16A
Contact: 1C/O
Setting range temperature: -100÷400°C
Hysteresis justerbar 0÷100°C
Set point accuracy 1°C
Model correction ±20°C
Gradient – regulating 4°C /s÷6°C/min.
Power consumption: 1,5W
Operating temperature: -20÷40°C
Connection: Screw terminals 2,5mm²
Dimension: 3-modules (52,5mm)
Installation: On rail
External temperature sensor: PT100

ATTENTION! Probe sold separately.

CRT-05 d

CRT-05 -06 sonda m


FF CRT-05 sch m

CRT-05 dia m