Mounting bracket

fastkonsolMounting bracket stainless for junction box JB-k

Range of application

Speciall design for a smooth connection of 1-2 heating cables of self-limiting type, is mounted directly on the pipe with a couple of hose clamps. Entry for power cable.

Material: Aluminium
Dimension (console): 115 x 40 x 35
Max insulation thickness: 80mm
Box E 14 395 02
Enclosure class:  IP 67
Connection: 4 pcs jacket clips & grounding screw
Entry for power cable: PR 18,6mm 89 992 63
  • The heating cable is installed inside the console and thereby obtains a very good mechanical protection.
  • The box have terminal blocks and is provided with a thread to incoming power cable.
  • Can with advantage be used as junction box at pipe branchings.