Junction box JB-K EExe

kopplingsladaJunction box JB-K Eexe with terminals and cable glands

Technical data

Material: 30 % glass fabric/70 % polyester
Resistance to heat: -40°C +90°C
Protection class: IP 66
Voltage: max 660 V
Ex-approved: EExe II T6
connection: Standard 2 pcs PG16
Part.no 89 992 60

NOTE! The plastic material in the box is conductive.

Range of application

Cable entry device for up to 120mm thick insulation. Specially designed to allow convenient connection of one, two or three heating cables of the self-limiting type, or three constant wattage cables. The mounting bracket is fixed directly to the pipe using a stainless steel strap. The heating cable is laid inside the bracket and so is very well protected against mechanical damage. Between the bracket and the junction box there is a special grommet, designed to take up to three heating cables. The junction box comes equipped with the required number of terminal blocks and has a gland for the incoming power supply cable.
When using series resistive heating cable only one loop per mounting bracket is possible.