Hose clamp

fastbandHose Clamp
Area of use

Fix the heating cable at installation in floors, on roofs, in box gutters, cisterns etc.

The hose clamps are available with different c/c-distances, special ordering, for easy mounting.

The distance between two “attaching lips” is 110 mm. Other distances can be obtained on request.

Material: See below
Length: galvanized 25 m/reel
plastic 1 m
Other in running metre
Width: metal 20 mm
plastic 10 mm
Part.no: 89 992 34 Hose clamp plastic (c/c 30mm). Delivered in lengths of 1m.
89 992 35 Hose clamp galvanized (c/c 55mm). Delivered in packages about 25m.
Can be obtained with adapted c/c by order
89 992 35SS Hose clamp stainless. Delivered in running metre
89 992 34AL Hose clamp aluminium. Delivered in running metre
89 992 34CU Hose clamp copper (c/c 30mm). Delivered in running metre.