Heating foil/Immersion -/Nozzle heaters



Heating foils made of silicone is meant for applications where high outer temperatures are required.

They are kept in stock in Sweden in a number of different sizes with outputs up to 1.5 W/cm² (15KW/m²!!).

On request can special shapes (element with hole patterns, embedded thermostats etc) and outputs be delivered, however, when ordering a number of special foils are at least 25 pcs a requirement.

The foil is manufactured with a resistance wire, which is vulcanized between two silicone plates. The elements are mounted with special glue and should be temperature controlled by a thermostat or regulator with transmitter placed directly on the element or in its nearness to avoid overheating.


Immersion heaters for a various applications. Can be delivered in standard sizes. The immersion heaters are kept in stock in a number of various sizes and outputs. These are above all used in the plastic industry where the heaters are mounted in forms and similar. The installation is done in milled hole with shrinking adaptation, which is required to dissipate the high output of the heater. Another example where a similar heater can be used for heating is a drop box slay where low ambient temperatures impairs the function, then a decrease of the output is required to guarantee a long functioning.

Nozzle heaters for installation on round objects, for example pipes where extremely high outputs are required. Available in standard sizes.