Maximum cable temperature



Heating cables has a limited max. temperature in consequence of the material which is used at their construction. If the temperature exceeds recommended values, the lifetime is shortened or at worst the cable is destroyed.

  • Therefore find out which maximum temperature can arise in consequence of the process – where the heating cable application is included.
  • Also find out if so called steam purifying occurs when steam can give temperatures up to approx. 200°C.

There are two different maximums:

A. Max. temperature when cable is switched on
This information of max. temperature indicates the maximum temperature the cable could maintain. (Consideration should however be taken to the calculation of the sheath temperature on the previous page where the real temperature is related to the stated output of the cable).

B. Max. temperature when the cable is switched off
This information mentions what the cable can handle when switched off at frost protection of for example steam conduit or heating of a heavy oil conduit where the operation temperature is considerable above the required heating temperature.

Here the function is that one in the intake end of the pipe place the transmitter of the thermostat/regulator so that the supply voltage of the cable disconnects when the process exceeds the heating temperature.