Product overview

VÄRMEKABELTEKNIK have a complete assortment of heating cables adapted for various purposes from frost protection to heating with a supplementary product programme with heating system for the industry.

  • Parallel resistive heating cable with constant output.
  • Self-limiting heating cable.
  • Series resistive heating cable. PVC-, Teflon- and mineral insulated, with or without return-wire.
  • Immersion heaters.
  • Heating foils made of polyester (80°C) Silicone (250°C)
  • Nozzle heaters
  • Ceramic infra heaters for contactless heating.
  • Surrounding equipment, control equipment etc.

Our speciality

Värmekabelteknik have by its comprehensive knowledge and wide assortment the possibility to help to make out complete package solutions for special applications on products where heat supply is required.

We can also in certain cases assist with installing our heating products on the customers provided machine component, container, portable pipes etc.

Contact us with your inquiry for a profitable suggestion.

Projecting guide

With this manual we want to give you information on the range of applications of our products.

The manual describes the characteristics of the products and gives you an insight in calculations of energy requirement for the most common applications.

This help you to get out all information when you wants help of any of Värmekabeltekniks technicians or when you will prepare for your own calculation.

Värmekabeltekniks support

  • You can safely leave your drawings or verbal information on your application to our experienced sellers to get help with calculations and projecting and quotation on your object.
  • You will get a complete suggestion with material, specification and price on heating source, assistance at installation and control.
  • On request you obtain a installation instruction especially designed for your application and you can always give us a call if any questions occur during the work.
  • You can also get help with relation papers on the heating cable application and sketch of the heating cable installation on one by you provided drawing.
  • Värmekabelteknik can adapt heating products to your application or help you with apply heat on your portable instrument/equipment.