Heat loss calculation


Calculating heat losses for pipes: To do a calculation of heat losses on an insulated pipe you have to know certain data: required operating temperature, pipe dimension, the thickness of the insulation and conductivity, the nature of the environment.

Q = 2 x π x Dt x k x 1,16 x S
In (dy / di)
Q = Heat loss per meter pipe (W/m)
Dt = Temperature difference (the difference between the operating temperature and the lowest ambient temperature).
k = The heat permeability of the insulation (W/m°C). (Mineral wool = 0,04)
1,16 = Konstant (conversion from kilojoules to watts)
dy = The exterior diameter of the insulation (mm)
di = The exterior diameter of the pipe (mm)
S = Safety factor 1,2 -1.5 (1,2 indoor – 1,5 outdoor)