Choosing cable


Now when we have calculated the heat loss from the pipe, we need to decide which cable we shall use.

For this one have to know the information below.

Construction data:

Max. operating temperature (ev. steam purifying) Tp =___________ ° C

Required maintenance temperature ___________Tm =° C

Chemical environment – required sheath type._______________


Pipe material (Metal/Plastic)______________

1. Considering temperatures
Decide the cable type, which is suitable for the operating temperature of the application and maintenance temperature in the design with help of our data sheets. Control that the stated values for temperatures, switched on and off not is exceeded.

2. Choose the material for the sheath
To decide the outer sheath of the cable you should take into consideration to the environment where the cable shall be installed. Process temperature, steam purifying, aggressive fluids, ex-zones, moisture etc.

3. Choosing cable
Self-limiting cable type is decided from our data sheets, in the diagram can the output be read which the different cables emit at your required operating temperature. The cable is very well suited for coiling to obtain required output.

Parallel resistive cable is chosen so that the output per meter corresponds to the calculated required power (Q) or higher. You can also obtain the required power by coiling (without crossing the cable). Control the diagram in the data sheets for the heating cable that the sheath temperature (Tm) not is exceeded.

Series resistive cables, mineral insulated Teflon and PVC-cables are chosen from our data sheets. Calculation of the ohm-value for the required cable length and output. To determine the cable types is the power loading related per meter with the process temperature.