Green-house cultivation



If heating cables are applied to greenhouses or hotbeds, the season of cultivation can be extended.

Heating cables installed under the forcing-beds heat up to root system of the plants evenly which leads to a good growth also when planting early. This also means that the season of cultivation and crop is extended by a couple of months, depending on geographical location and supply of light.

Heating cable (7-10 W/m) is installed in a bed of sand under the forcing-bed at a depth of approx. 20-40cm with a c/c-distance of 20-30cm. The heating cable is covered with sand and protected against damages from digging by a reinforcement netting for instance.

The application is connected by means of an earth-leakage-circuit breaker and a thermostat the sensor of which is placed in the lower part of the forcing-bed in a pipe protected from corrosion.

Värmekabel på odlingsbord för plantor. Bordet bygges i stabilt impregnerat virke med en sandbädd i botten på vilken värmekabel utlägges. Därefter monteras termostatens givare mellan två kabelslag, Värmekabeln funktionstestas och täckes med ett sandlager på ca. 3-5 cm. Anläggningen anslutes via jordfelsbrytare.

Heating Cable on the table for the cultivation of plants. The Table is build in stable impregnated wood with a sand bed in the bottom on which the heating cable is laid. Then the thermostat sensor is assembled between two cable runs. The heating cable is functional tested and covered with a sand layer of approx. 3-5 cm. Facility connected via earth.