Velox Heating Mat

Heating mat 1100W/230V


With Velox Heating mat you save time and money. It can be left without supervision since a thermostat controls it!

  • Light, only 11 kg.
  • Smooth, strong
  • Reliable in working

Range of application

  • Thawing of frozen soil, manages up to approx. 30cm/24h.
  • Heating of casting mould
  • Frost protection of building sand
  • Thawing of mould block (cisterns)
  • Melting of snow and ice

This are only a few range of applications where Velox Heating mat can be used.

Technical Data

  • The mat is manufactured of coated PVC with cellular plastic insulated and supplied with rings and elastic cords.
  • The mat is supplied with warning text.
  • Splash guard.
  • Armoured heating cable as heating source.
  • Controlled by a thermostat. It is switched off at 60-65°C.
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Voltage: 230V


  • Saving of labour.
  • The heating fabric can be left without supervising.
  • Easy to handle

Special performance

  • Choose you own colour and logotype. Output/W Size (m) Heated surface
VTM1100 1100 3.30×1.25 3.10×1.00