Thin Floors

Spreads and distributes the heat better than the elements

A traditional element really just heat up the air around the elements. It then rises to the ceiling to collapse to the floor on the other side of the room when it gets cold. You get a feeling of draft. Compare this with underfloor heating which rises smoothly up from the floor.

The ideal temperature distribution in the room is when the floor is slightly warmer than the rest of the room – we feel best when our feet are warmer than your head. It is only with underfloor heating You get the ideal indoor climate.

In a room heated with traditional wall fixed elements the hot air goes “wrong” way.
In a room with underfloor the heat rises evenly from the floor and decreases gradually towards the ceiling. The ideal in-indoor climate.

No drafts!

With underfloor heating you avoid the floor drafts that traditional elements creates by uneven heat distribution. There will be no cold drafts, no cold corners in the room regardless of nooks and crannies. Because the rotation of the air decreases, it is also less dust swirling around in the air.


No electromagnetical fields

Our heating cables from Velox is a new generation, small diameter and shielded against electromagnetic fields. SEMKO has carried out special measurements showing that these heating cables do not emit any measurable values.

Lasts as long as the house stands!

Floor heating is easy to install yourself. You do not need to tear up the old floor. You just place the heating cables on top of the old floor. Then lay the new floor. If done correctly and with the right material heating floor lives as long as the house.

Away with elements from the walls!


Our cables provide full heating. You do not have to because elements on the walls. Clean walls make it easier to both clean and redecorate, mainly in small spaces. Neither burning themselves on hot elements and You avoid unnecessary dust hiking and “popping” sound.

You get the right heat distribution in a room with underfloor heating. This means that you can reduce the indoor temperature a few degrees without feeling any difference in temperature. With that you makes an energy saving of 10-12%! Add additionally tile or stone on top of the floor heating saves you more energy. Such materials give off the heat quickly when you need it which minimizes system for swings.