Installation in wooden floors

Please observe the following basic principles when applying heating cables in wooden floors:

  • bg700The sheath temperature must not exceed 80°C.
  • The cable must not be applied to a direct contact with combustible materials.
  • The cable must not be applied directly on the insulation material.

These principles are met when:

  • The power per metre cable is limited to 15 W/m.
  • The power per m² floor surface is limited to 80 W/m²
  • If the distance between the two surfaces (floor/ceiling) is at least 30mm.
  • If special mounting plates are used when joists are to be crossed.

Installation of heating cable in wooden floors

The best bedding for the cable is a fine-meshed chicken wire. The net should be spaced between the joists in order to get a distance of at least 30mm between the cable and underneath the floor. The heating cable is applied to the net by cutting stitches and then folding them over the cable to fix it in its position.

The cable applied to the joists parallel and not closer than 50mm. You have to make cuts in the joists where the cable is to cross and then attach the mounting plates.

Please Note! Try to reduce the cuts to a minimum.