• Domestic areas


    When the feet are warm one is unlikely to be cold. In the bathroom a heated floor is the acme of comfort.
    In other rooms, floor heating is also to be recommended for overall comfort and energy saving.

    With floor heating maximum space is possible, as wall radiators are unnecessary. Moreover, there is the further advantage of protection against fire as the heating cables are fully concealed.

  • Public buildings

    bg401In schools, nurseries and similar areas where children predominate, there is a great deal of floor level activity and in such circumstances, floor heating has much to commend it. In wet weather it is a great asset as floors dry quickly, allowing children to play without interruption. It also ensures that the under-soil remains dry and gives protection against damp spots and mould.

  • Living rooms
    Inbg301 living rooms, floor heating permits a relatively low temperature to be maintained without affecting the overall ambience, again, showing big savings in energy consumption and cost. There is no need for the provision and maintenance of wall radiators with a resultant saving in costs and floor and wall space.


  • Industrial premises

    bg501Underfloor heating, resulting in warm feet and cool
    head allows for far better working conditions.

    This is particularly so when working at or near floor
    levels, and dry floors substantially reduce the risk of
    industrial accidents.

    Concealment of the heating source is an aid to the
    environment, allowing the maximum use of floor space
    and facilitating the installation to partitioning such as
    the required for open‐plan offices.