1. Sheath of Teflon FEP
  2. Armouring braided Cu, 16x3x0.21mm
  3. Armouring layer Teflon FEP
  4. Armouring braided Cu 16x3x0.21mm
  5. Conductor insulation Teflon FEP
  6. Resistance wire CuNi

Area of use

Temperature maintenance and heating up piping, tanks etc in plants with high temperatures and high power requirements.

TCT can be installed at plants which are steam purified.

TCT has a sheath of corrosion toughened material (teflon) and manages aggressive environmentals.

Cable data

Basic type 90 CM acc. to SEN 242421
Tested and approved by SEMKO (Sweden) • SETI (Finnland) • VDE (Germany)
Rated voltage 440 V
Resistance values according to table 1 and 2
Process temperature
– cable on
– cable off
(TpOn) See diagram
(TpOff) max +220°C
Installation temperature min -30°C
Bending radius min 15 mm
Dimension 5 mm
Weight 68 kg/1000m
Table 1: Resistance values

Type of cable
12.00 18812TR
8.00 18800TR
5.35 18535TR
4.00 18400TR
2.90 18290TR
1.30 18130TR
1.00 18100TR
0.82 18082TR
0.65 18065TR
0.45 18045TR
0.36 18036TR
0.25 18025TR
0.18 18018TR
0.10* 18010TR
0.05* 18005TR
0.03* 18003TR
0.01* 18001TR

* On special order (delivery time: 3-4 weeks)

Sheath temperature/Dimensions

Sheath temperature

The sheath temperature (Tm) of the cable will vary depending on the process (ambient) temperature (Tp), load (Q) and way of installation.

The sheath temperature is calculated as follows:

Tm = Q / Ua + Tp

Tm = Sheath temperature in °C
Tp = Process temperature in °C
Q = Load in W/m
Ua = Heat transfer coeffience
Ua Installed without dissipation of heat = 0.32
Ua With fitted Aluminium foil = 0.65
Ua With fitted Alu-tape = 0.8


Velox TCTR mounted without dissipation of heat with an ambient temperature of 100°C, output 30 W/m will have a sheath temperature of 192°C.

Sheath temperature: diagram 1

TCTR cable installed with fitted aluminium tape as dissipation of heat (Ua = 08)

Disspipation of heat

The heat transfer coefficient (Ua) can be improved considerably (3 to 10 times) by arranging some dissipation of heat, for instance by providing the cable with aluminium tape. This will enable you to use the heating cable also at high process temperatures up to 200°C.

For this kind of installation please consult VärmeKabelTeknik for assistance with the design and installation.