Control cabinet type 01-Roof


This control cabinet is intended for thermostat-controlled frost protection of gutters and down pipes.

1 pc Main switch 1-pole 25A
1 pc Thermostat Velox Roof (Double thermostat for gutters) incl.2 sensors
1 pc ELCB 2-Pole 25/0,03A
1 pc Enclosure mode IP55

Control cabinet intended for wall mounting with cable entries from all sides.

Putting into service

  • Adjust the thermostat knobs on Velox Roof: Air -2 ° C / Roof + 2 ° C as a starting point.
  • Put the ELCB toggle switch in the ON position.
  • Turn the main switch to the ON position.

When the current has been switched on, the sensor LEDs light up indicating status as explained below.

VELOX Roof-thermostat
Air sensor LED light on: Temperature is below preset value.

Roof sensor LED light on: temperature is above preset operating temperature.

Red LED light on: thermostat operating.

The thermostat operates on the basis of the plus/minus system using two sensors: the ”Roof sensor”, in conduit, is located on the roof and will detect any ”thawing temperature” on the roof, that is to say, if the temperature exceeds the preset ”Low” value.

The ”Air sensor” located on the northern side detects simultaneously if the air is below the preset temperature of the Air sensor and can cause icings in gutters and down pipes.

When both conditions are met the thermostat is activated.

If, in certain weather conditions, icicles or surface ice should form, then the thermostat knobs may be adjusted in the following way:

  • Check the thermostat LEDs.
  • If the green light is on: turn the “Low” adjustment knob clockwise towards a lower temperature, until the red LED lights up.
  • If the yellow light is on: turn the “High” adjustment knob anti-clockwise towards a higher temperature.
  • For lowest possible operating costs, the knobs should be adjusted so as to be as close as possible to zero!