Polyester cabinet DCE, DCWE

Description polyester cabinet dce, dcwe

DCE 0DCE cabinets, 320 mm deep, are widely applied in the industry, energy and telecommunication sectors thanks to their universal qualities. Made of insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing composite (polyester + glass fibre) characterized with resistance to atmospheric agents (UV). The ventilation system minimizes the gathering of damp. Parts of the pedestals are removable without the need to use tools, which allows an easy introduction of cables into the installed junction. Specially designed construction of the cabinet in connection with additional elements, ensure fast and comfortable assembly of equipment.


Basic parameters
Protection grades IK-10, IP-44
Height 860 mm / 1140 mm
Depth 320 mm
Rated insulation voltage AC 690 V
Temperature operating conditions  -50 – 85°C
Flammbility category V0
Colour RAL 7035
Protection class II
Tracking resistance CTI 600
Dialectric strength 240 kV/cm
Resistivity 1014 Ω cm
Conformity DIN 43 629-1
DIN 43 629-2
DIN 43 629-3
EN 61 439-1
EN 61 439-3
EN 61 439-5
EN 62 208

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