Frame Cabinet SR


  • SR2.Frame cabinets depending on mounted equipment can be used for low voltage switchgears building, control cabinets for supervision of the production proceses, as net cabinets of telecommunication.
  • Cabinets can be joined together in sets. In case of switchgears, one can serve as supply panel, the next as outlet panel and next as measuring panel etc.

Way of installation

  • Cabinets are placed on the floor and possibly joint together in sets.

Operating conditions

  • Indoor mounted;
  • Low agressive environment;
  • Humidity up to 70%;
  • Temperature range: -30 to 60 ºC.


  • Carbon steel thickness 1,5 – 2 mm, punched, press-broke, welded. It is possible to make cabinets of other materials;
  • Polyester structural powder paint, colour RAL 7035;
  • Doors suspended on hinges with 4 point closure, swing handle lock and locking bars with hitches. Foam seal.

Scope of delivery

  • Rack with door and back wall;
  • Side walls – lack;
  • Cable gland plate, uper, lower – lack;
  • Mounting plate – lack;
  • Socle – lack;
  • Transport rings – lack;
  • Lock insert – lack.


  • Side walls: inner IP30, outer IP55;
  • Cable gland plate: upper, lower smooth; adjustable with foam;
  • Mounting plate: smooth, perforated;
  • Socles: 100 mm, 200 mm;
  • Modular construction;
  • Vertical perforated beams;
  • Rotary frame 19’’;
  • The rest of parts and units – see pages 43 – 63 on metal catalogue

Technical data

Protection class: I
Ingress protection degree: IP30 or IP55
Impact protection: IK10 for smooth, full door,
IK08 for window door

Range of dimensions (min / max)

  • 400×1600×400 / 1200×2000×600

Cabinet 1-door


Cabinet 2-doors


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