Laying out TSFR



  • Fix the connecting device so that the splice between the cold-lead-in cable and the heating cable lies in the concrete.
  • Unroll and lay the cable to required c/c-distance.
  • Carefully attach the cable to the armouring using a plastic binder, tape or strips.
  • Do not let the cable cross itself, a loop must no-where be laid with a c/c-distance of less than 6cm.
  • Connect the loops to the distribution box and switch on power for a moment in order to check the loops.


  • In order not to damage the cable and thereby jeopardize the result, it is important to be careful with the cable when the concrete is laid, so that the cable is not trodden on or worn away by tremblers or other tools.

Connection of the TSF-cables

  • Connect each loop to the TSF-boxes.
  • Connect the TSF-boxes to the power service head at the construction site.
  • Test the loops by switch on the current a couple of seconds so that you can read the light emitting diode module.
    Please note! The loops must not be connected more than 30 seconds before casting!
  • Apply the concrete, cover with concrete fabric, connect the current. Normally 3 to 5 days are required to obtain necessary strength to the concrete.


We recommend that a connection box with thermostat is used to avoid over temperature with cracks as result. The sensor of the thermostat shall be put in a VP-pipe (16mm) casted in the concrete which are to be heated. This gives an effective heat from inside the concrete vault over the whole surface, which quickly and effectively drives out any moisture.

  • Painting can start earlier
  • Any future problems with moisture and mould will be prevented.

Voltage feed

For voltage feed use our distributing TSF-boxes which are provided with lead-in devices 4 x 16A + J (3m connection cable) and 3 connecting devices 2 x 16A + J for three heating cable loops (3m connection cables).

The distributing boxes are available in two different designs with or without a thermostat.

Type Armament
TSFR-U Power supply indication 89 871 15
TSFR-M Power supply indication, thermostat 89 871 16