Wall form TSV



Electrically heated wall formwork – a step towards simplification and rationalization within the building industry.

The forms are provided with permanently mounted heating cable loops. The heating cable loops constitute a barrier to heat transport from the form, keeping the internal heat of the concrete inside the form so that hardening can go on quickly and effectively.

The desired number of wall forms is connected to an electrical system by means of distributing boxes.

The distributing boxes are equipped with power supply indication and earth-leakage-circuit breakers. The earth-leakage-circuit breaker is a guarantee of personal safety.

By using an electrically heated wall form the time of hardening can be reduced by between 30 and 60 percent, depending on external conditions such as wind and temperature. The set of forms can be used effectively and so fewer wall forms will be needed.

The system is well tried in Finland, among other countries, with very good results.

The wall form TSV is suitable for all type of moulding. It is manufactured in 2.5m high and 1m wide form sections of 4mm steel sheets, alternatively 4mm plywood in vertical U-sections. The forms are combined with horizontal U-griders to required lengths, from 1 – 6m.

By erecting the formwork using 1m wide elements it is very easy to replace any sections damaged during construction.

Thanks to the horizontal girders the forms will remain straight even after many castings.

The vertical stiffening of the form is achieved through shuttering girders mounted with a c/c-distance of 1m.

The TSV wall form is constructed in such a way that it is secured with spacers on the upper side and with struts 650mm at the bottom of the form.

For quick and easy formwork erection, standardized and easily mounted details are available, such as brackets, form supports, spacers, end anchorages, clamp ties, safety chains and struts.