Mounting plates


fsid8_1Frost protection of mounting plates:

Damages on mounting plates caused by freezing of soil in underlying surface can easily be eliminated simply by installing heating cables in the foundation pit base.

The heating cable will work as a barrier against penetrating frost.

It can not be used to thaw already frozen surface since the dimensioned power per m2 is to low for this.

The application can due to its low energy consumption in most cases be operating continuously, but can also be controlled by a thermostat which sensor is placed above the base where the heating cable is installed.

Velox TSFR-cables are manufactured with a soft and smooth PVC which makes it easy to handle even at low temperatures.

Velox TSFR-cables are connected only in one end and are reeled out until the cable is finished. Standard lengths are available in three lengths adapted with considerations to fuse sizes. The lengths are supplied with 2 meter cold-lead-in cable.

Velox TSFR-lengths:

Length Cable Voltage Power
(m) (Ohm/m) (V) W.tot W/m
130 0.18 230 2200 17 89 872 21
220 0.18 400 4040 17 89 872 23


The cable must not be in contact with insulation material, for example cellular plastic, mineral wool or equivalent, it shall therefore always be covered with at least 10cm of sand.

Plastic pipes, electrical conductors and similar shall also be protected from coming in contact with the heating cable.

Power requirement: The need varies depending on installation depth.

The deeper the cable is installed the lower the power requirement is.

Installation depth
Required power
Min 15 35 60
15 – 20 30 70
20 – 30 25 80
30 – 60 22 90
60 – 80 20 100
80 – 100 17 120

Cable consumption can be obtained through formula:
Area (m²) x 100 / c/c (cm) = Cable length m