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Raxtons products are designed to solve the most fundamental problems that exist due to the many different types of thread types that are now used in the electrical industry. These are mainly Isometric, Imperial, NPT, BSP and PG.

Problems due to different threads can occur in many areas suchas  in indusries, EExd, EExe and mines. Raxtons transfers are approved by the leading testing facilities BASEEFA, CENELEC, Det Norske Veritas and the Standards Association of Australia. They are labeled accordingly.

Brass is the standard material and readily available options include mild steels, stainless steel and aluminum. Our EExe range is also available in glass-reinforced nylon.

The very nature of our products requires quick delivery. An extensive stock is therefore held,always to ensure a high level of flexibility within the range can be maintained.

Our technical department will be happy to help you with the problem of identifying the different types of threads. A direct indication is given in the table where not only threads can be identified but also the difference between adapters and reducers.


Exd 11c BAS1111U
Exd 11c BAS1112U
Exd 11c BAS1118U
EExd 11c BAS 841229U
EExd 11c BAS 841230U EExd 11c BAS 87B1334U
EExd 11c BAS 871335U
EExd 1 HSE(M) 875142U
EExe 1 HSE(M) 88B5160U
EExe 11 BAS 8735540U EExe 11 BAS 87B1334U
EExe 11 BAS 91C3418U
EExe 11 BAS 92C3350U
EExe 11 BAS 93C1094U
EExe 11 BAS 93C3112U

Standards Association of Australia No. Ex922

Specification threads

Isometric (ISO) according to BS3643:1981
Imperial (ET) according to BS31:1940 (1979)
National Pipe Thread (NPT) according to ANSI/ASME 1983
British Standard Pipe (BSP) according to BS21:1985
P.G. according to DIN 40430:1971


  • Brass
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • glass-reinforced nylon